Donor Application
  • Complete the donor application
  • After completing the application, our staff will be contacting you and setting a consultation to go through the egg donation process and answer any questions you may have.
Egg Donor’s Eligibility Screening
  • Once matched with Intended Parents, you then will complete a psychological assessment and required medical screenings. The medical screenings include basic physical exam, hormone levels, infectious diseases, genetic diseases as well as drugs and nicotine.
  • As soon as the results of medical screening are ready, the Egg Donation Program Coordinator will inform you. If you as the potential egg donor passes the screening process, the clinic will be responsible to coordinate the start of your treatment.
Legal Process
  • Once you are medically cleared by the doctor after passing the above screenings, but before you start stimulation medications, you will go through the legal process. The egg donation coordinator will recommend you an attorney or you can find your own attorney to review and finalize a legal contract to be signed by you and the recipient. Upon receipt of all signed contacts, the recipient’s attorney issues a legal clearance letter, enabling the doctor to begin the medical cycle.
Medical Cycle & Egg Retrieval
  • The medical cycle, IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycle, usually lasts 2-3 weeks. You will take oral and injectable medications to stimulate your ovaries and produce follicles. You will visit the IVF clinic a few times per week during this phase to track their progress. Most donors will have the egg retrieval 12-14 days after the ovarian stimulation begins. The intended parents will be notified approximately 40 hours prior to the donor’s egg retrieval. The egg retrieval procedure lasts about 15-20 mins.